How to choose crystals

How to choose crystals.

By Shirley O’Donoghue buy her book all about crystals

 Choosing crystals is an intuitive process and the best way to do it is simply to allow your eye to be drawn to a particular stone.

Choosing crystals is an intuitive process and the best way to do it is simply to allow your eye to be drawn to a particular stone.  Some people use a pendulum to dowse crystals, some “scan” with their hands to feel the crystals’ energies, and others like to handle them.  Whatever method you employ, it’s best not to spend too much time on the process.  Making a quick choice allows you to listen to the right, intuitive side of your brain before the left, logical side of your brain starts to interfere with rational thoughts, such as “But I don’t like blue!” or “Why do I want that one?” . 

Colour plays an important part in choosing crystals, not only because it can cause you to be visually attracted to a particular stone, but also because colour conveys vital information about the crystal’s energetic qualities to you on a subconscious level

When choosing crystals it is also a good idea to focus on your intended purpose for them – for example, whether you want to use them to attract love or the release stress.  The core crystal directory will help you with this.  If you are choosing crystals for someone else, try visualizing the person during the selection process.  Always trust your instinct and choose the crystals to which you are drawn.

However, if you discover that you really dislike a certain crystal, it is worth finding out more about this crystal and its qualities and potentially working with it.   This is because an aversion to a certain crystal can be an indication that your energy flow in the certain area related to that specific colour or crystal is impaired and needs rebalancing or healing.


crystalsBy now, we know that crystals transmit and are able to absorb and transmute electromagnetic energy.  Their colour and vibration affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by rebalancing our body’s vital energy flow or chi, thus restoring us to our natural state of well-being.

In this chapter, we look more closely at how this comes about.  We start by learning how to recognize our own chi, and go on to explore the subtle energy system in greater depth, discovering more about the chakras – the spinning wheels of energy that connects the physical body to the subtle body.  Next, we learn how to assess which chakra we need to focus on, and which crystals and chakras work best together.  By gauging whether our chakras have deficient, excess or balanced energy, or by picking crystals of a certain colour.

We then go on to consider how to make crystals work more effectively, such as through approaching them with a positive intent, harnessing deep breathing and employing visualizations.  And finally, we look at some of the more advanced techniques of working with crystals, such as using placements and making gem essences

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