Manifestation Accelerator

Manifestation Accelerating Tool to Manifest Your Dreams & Goals

 If you’ve watched the movie “The Secret” and are applying the laws of Attraction then, this Manifestation tool is for you.

What if you could accelerate your Manifestations to Manifest into the physical world more rapidly without any more effort from you?

Manifestation AcceleratorWell now you can with this Manifestation locket. The manifestation locket will manifest all your dreams and goals in a more rapid and constant manner.  

 Maybe at this moment you are a bit sceptical that this manifestation locket can deliver what I say it can, this is because you might observe the world from your five senses and only believe what your five senses tells you is real.

  Locket closedThat’s ok, but sometimes you have to look deeper and past your five sense to find the truth and the real structure of reality. You have to look into the world of quantum physics where manifestation begins.

I believe that if we are willing to adventure outside our five senses reality and into the quantum world we would enter a new world of vast possibilities where manifestation results are manifested from

You are probably asking what has quantum physics got to do with manifestation and creating a life of health, wealth and abundance of everything.

The simple truth is that it has everything to do with what you create; it is the key to manifestation.

Quantum physics explains that everything we participate in or do in our world has influence on the outcome.

It shows us that matter is not solid, but is rather a sea of infinite vibrating energy with an infinite number of possibilities.

The quantum world is a sea of probabilities of energy and only when observed does it collapses into particles that create physical matter; i.e manifestation.

So when you get your mind round this concept. You will come to the conclusion that you do not have to be a victim of coincidences, because the truth is you have the power to change your reality through manifestation, as you are the observer

The unbelievable Power of Imagination, Emotion and Thoughts!!!

Every day you “self talk” between 150 and 200 words per minute calculated this works out approximately 300,000 thoughts per day plus countless emotions being expressed which permeates, penetrates and fills your quantum world.

This vast amount of daily information creates a quantum soup of unpredictable negative and positive probable futures waiting to be selected as a manifestation and reflected back to you as manifested reality.

Most people who do not have control of their lives resembles a person riding a horse with a mind of its own, without the reins, which results in their lives being a continued “merry go round” with no purpose.

The reason that this is happening to them is that they do not know or understand how we create reality, and manifest a more desirable manifestation.

Since you are reading this page, I have no doubt you are not one of them or you have just decided not to be one.

Depending on what category you fall into, you may already be aware of the Secrets of Creation and Manifestation. In the event that you are not aware, here is a quick basic course, remembering that there is far more to it, than just the basics.

- To create the manifestation that  you want in your life is to visualize your goal. In order to manifest your manifestation you must visualize the goal as an end result; you must do this with passion and emotion. After a period of time the manifestation that you visualized will be manifested into your reality.

- Creation is a result of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words, and actions that are expressed which permeates the quantum field and are reflected back to you through your reality.

- So what determines which of these beliefs, thoughts and emotions will manifest into your reality?

The answer is as follow:

- What you focus on the most will manifest. Why? Because “focus” is the observer, the energy fuel of manifestation. The more energy we add to a thought or emotion the more probable that thought-emotion will manifest.

- I know that most people know this stuff.

So why can they not manifest what they want in their life quickly and constantly.

I do not know about you, but when I had my business, house, family matters and social life to deal with, there was not always the dedicated time to meditate and visualize. I had great intent to do so but sometimes life just caught up with me, therefore some days if not weeks I would forget to do my daily spiritual ritual.

Therefore occasionally my life began to spin out of control until I started to regain a “self serving” focus and perform my daily spiritual practices once again.

I believe because of this, it took me longer to accomplish the wonderful position I now find myself in, living the life I have always dreamed of, having peace, happiness, wealth and all the abundance.

I have come to the conclusion and you might fit into this category that most people really want to create a better life for themselves and have great intentions to do so, but because of a busy life schedule, their focus slips, and they get distracted, creating a life they do not want.

There is no reason you should not be living your DREAM LIFE !!!

 Similar To You I have spent most of my life dreaming of being happy and rich and have search high and low for the secret of manifestation.

I have always yearned for freedom and financial independence to experience things I REALLY wanted to experience in life — like own a luxurious car, visit any country I would like to any time of the year, live in a big stylish house and give a helping hand to family and friends when needed.

I always wanted to accomplish this effortlessly without hard work.

This sounds like a fairy tale – am I right?

Wrong – this and more is all achievable!!!!!

I found the Secret to manifestation quickly

This is to constantly energize your Thoughts and Emotions with high vibratory energies.

When you visualize your manifestation in a meditative state, you are focusing on thought, emotion and action of which you wish to manifest in a high energized state of being.

The high vibratory energy which you focus on the manifestation will increased the probability of it manifesting in to reality more rapidly and consistently.

That is how visualization works!!!.

It is on this principle that the manifestation locket works, the only difference is we are focusing and directing the high vibratory energy daily 24/7 to the locket that will contain your written down manifestations of your goals and dreams.

So even though you get caught up in your daily life and forget to do you meditation or visualization we will be supplying the manifesting energy fuel for your manifestation to manifest.

If you are a disciplined visualizer and visualize daily, the high vibratory energy directed to the locket will increase the probability of the manifestation to manifest faster and more consistence.

The other free bonus to this technique is, because we are directing high vibrator energy to the locket you are wearing, your own energy will increase into a more high vibratory energy.

You will feel more energized, peaceful, happy and positive which will be reflected back to you in life.

Is this possible!!!

Of course!!! Energy healers like Reiki, Crystal healers, Hands on Healers and Faith healers have been using similar successful techniques for centuries.

You don’t have to be an Einstein to know that when you take a tuning fork with a high frequency and put it among other tuning forks. The other tuning forks will resonate at the same frequency as the first one.

Constant research has be given to this by scientist, if you don’t believe me see the work by Dr Massaru emoto and books like the field by Lynne McTaggart

Benefits of the Manifestation Locket
Master CreatorTake less effort to manifest your dreams and goals.

Master CreatorBecome a master creator

Master CreatorManifest your goals without visualizing all the time.

Master CreatorSee your manifestations manifest quickly and consistently to the physical realm.

Master CreatorReceive all the benefits of our oneness pendant that is inserted inside the locket (more info)

Master CreatorFeel more energized and peaceful.

Master CreatorRegain your power and control over your life.

Master CreatorMaster Over Your Own Life and Truly Create Your Own Destiny.

Master CreatorLive a life of Love, Wealth, Health and Abundance for yourself.

Master CreatorLive Your Dreams knowing that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have

 Master CreatorDiscover The Secret of Manifestation

Buy Manifestation Locket

What you are about to discover will change your life forever. You will start manifesting your dreams and goals at a more rapid rate.

But in just case you have any doubts — any at all — I’ll make this decision as easy as possible for you.

The Secret of Manifestation eBook contains information on:

The Secret of Manifestation eBook Check BoxThe Systems & Mechanisms of Manifestation.

checkboxThe 12 keys of manifestation that will change your life forever.

checkboxMind blowing information on the nature of reality.

checkboxKnow the truth of who you really are.

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checkboxDiscover who and what is really creating your reality.

checkboxUnderstand the virtual reality game known as “The Human Experience” and play it to your own rules.

Check BoxLean two very powerful processes to transform your feeling frequencies within the soul that is playing a huge role in creating your life experiences.

checkboxA 60 second process to enter an altered state of awareness instantly, which is very beneficial for meditation and visualization.

checkboxProcesses to find and release your hidden informational frequencies that are buried deep within your soul that is creating your reality on auto pilot.

checkboxDiscover what your passion and excitement is, and how to live it.

checkbox An extremely powerful process to manifest your desired manifestations.

checkboxRelaxation and self-hypnosis process.

checkboxThe top 20 things a person might go through when awakening to Oneness.

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checkboxThe power of money and how you can increase your finances.

checkbox Discover “The Star Gate Portal” and learn how to open it to obtain access to infinite abundance.

checkbox  The Star Gate Graph, an easy to understand graph that explains how you manifest your life experiences.

checkbox  The Five laws of Oneness ‘all that is”

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CD_web_rightAs a bonus, we will give you a FREE CD containing the seven guided process audios, to help you practice the processes in ‘The Secret of Manifestation Book”. And to get you started right away on your awakening process, you will receive a link at the bottom of your invoice to download the eBook and seven audios.

And just to make sure you get value for your money, here are some FREE extra bonuses you will receive.


checkboxA meditation blindfold.blindfold

checkboxTwo brain entrainment audios that will take you quickly into theta and delta brain states.

checkboxRelaxation meditation audio to take you into a very relaxed and altered state of being that can be used in conjunction with all the other audio processes to give you a much more profound experience.

checkboxA very powerful process to help you train yourself to keep focus and eliminate mind chatter and mind wandering while visualising.

checkbox A very powerful process to help train you to enhance your feeling to the highest possible level when meditating and visualizing which is a very important aspect when manifesting through visualization.

checkboxThe Oneness Pendant meditation that is undoubtedly the most powerful meditation I have ever used to raise my vibration of my soul and accelerate the opening of the Star Gate portal to infinite abundance.

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Creating Your Reality That you Prefer Is Easier Than You Think!!!!

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